Hello, founders.

You're not looking for a typical result, so it's time to take an atypical approach. Stop by our office to share your journey with us.

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Meet Upright.

We provide guidance and execution for early-stage startups and founders who need support.



We are guided by logic and empathy and value companies seeking to create change.

We extract business models from ideas and build sustainable products.

→ Business & Financial Modeling 

→ UX/UI Design & Prototyping

→ MVP Development

→ Fundraising Preparation

→ Digital Marketing

→ Software Development



Our people and our partnerships fuel your ideas.

Collaboration is key. We're proud of our ecosystem of partners and clients. Check for the latest events and meetups

Proudly supported by Demuth Capital

Proudly supported by Demuth Capital



The strength of an idea begins with its foundation.